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We build world-class software to help companies, startups and institutions obtain the results they seek. Check out some of our successful partnerships and technology solutions.


    The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.

    Objective: To translate mass data collected by the WHO regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the disruption of various countries’ health systems.

    Solution: Creating dashboards adapted to each country and audience containing user-friendly graphics and improved readability.

    Impact: Not only was information concerning Covid-19 made more accessible, but we also facilitated nations’ health decision-making.

    Products: Web app using ReactJS, KendoUI, Sitefinity CMS, and Heroku.


    Collamap is an international collaboration platform that gathers, organizes and unifies content from the scientific community for researchers looking to cure rare diseases.

    Objective: To integrate funders and researchers from different countries with the sole purpose of accelerating diagnoses, treatments and cures for rare diseases, initially focusing on Friedreich Ataxia (FA), a genetic neurodegenerative movement disorder.

    Solution: Creating a collaborative tool that connects researchers and funders around the world. Such a tool facilitates information access and communication between researchers, allowing them to develop and improve treatments.

    Impact: We reduced the distance between researchers by enabling dialogues and debates. We also simplified information access, contributing to their mission of discovering new forms of treatment for numerous diseases and disorders.

    Products: Responsive web app for users and admin portal using NodeJs, ReactJs, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and AWS.

    COLLAMAP Mockup
  • FGV

    FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) is a renowned Brazilian higher education and research institution with the mission of stimulating national socio-economic development.

    Objective: To encourage entrepreneurs and reinforce FGV’s digital transformation.

    Solution: Developing a distance learning platform with a learning path and a roadmap showing “quick wins” meant to help entrepreneurs navigate a new digital reality.

    Impact: We facilitated the delivery and organization of knowledge, thus assisting entrepreneurs to digitally transform their businesses.

    Products: Responsive web app for users and admin portal using NodeJs, ReactJs, PostgreSQL, and AWS.

    FGV Mockup

    Globalfy is a company with the purpose of enabling global entrepreneurs to start and operate their businesses in the United States.

    Objective: To assist foreigners in the process of opening companies and bank accounts in the United States.

    Solution: Creating a digital bank account platform based on “banking as a service” in order to facilitate the journey of entrepreneurs on American soil.

    Impact: We streamlined the account creation process, helping entrepreneurs worldwide to quickly expand e-commerce, technology, startups, and industrial companies.

    Products: Web app, Admin portal built with ReactJs, Nest.js, NodeJs, Next.js, Typescript and AWS.

    GLOBALFY Mockup

    xTree provides executive education services focused on solving companies’ primary management problems through high-standard learning experiences.

    Objective: To create content delivery channels for courses and programs while building a friendly community environment for users.

    Solution: Developing an online community as well as a distance learning platform through which users can both learn and interact with one another.

    Impact: We eliminated the company’s dependence on third-party platforms, which previously restricted how they offered their learning experiences.

    Products: Responsive web app for users and admin portal using NodeJs, ReactJs, PostgreSQL, and AWS.

    XTREE Mockup
  • LUSH

    Lush is a digital platform designed to create and manage reservations of its operational units.

    Objective: The project aims to establish the client as a technological benchmark by creating a management and booking platform that provides a comprehensive digital experience, offering a unique way to enjoy the facilities exceptionally.

    Solution: We employed the latest Next.js version, integrating automated tests to ensure system robustness, aiming to strategically harmonize deliveries with market demands.

    Impact: The digital platform provides a cohesive system, facilitating scheduled and immediate bookings, payment integration, and centralized administration, ensuring an efficient booking process and streamlined communication via email and WhatsApp.

    Products: The project focuses on the latest version of Next, but also incorporates other technologies such as NodeJS, ReactJS, Postgres, and AWS

    LUSH Mockup

    Biosom focuses on Brazilian research, development, and production of advanced diagnostic technology and hearing solutions.

    Objective: The project consists of an app dedicated to auditory assessment, with a focus on helping users combat hearing loss and identify ringing in the ears.

    Solution: Develop a brand new iPhone app based on a new library made from scratch to overcome the limitations of iOS. This initiative not only met but also surpassed the obstacles imposed by the Apple Operational System.

    Impact: The innovative approach ensured continuous adaptation to iOS requirements, consolidating the delivery of an optimized and seamless experience for future users.

    Products: Although still in the development phase, the project is significantly advanced, using Swift, C++, and Flutter.

    BIOSOM Mockup



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