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Softo's constant quest is to pave the way for growth. We bring you fast technological results so your business grows quickly and sustainably.
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What we do

DevTeam as a Service is an on-demand development service model that enables dynamic allocation of software development teams prepared and intended to meet your business goals.

You can count on a whole software development team to make your software project a reality: project managers, analysts, designers, developers and cloud specialists.

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More than a software development company, we are business partners. Our speedy technological solutions help your business achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

We not only provide software development to our clients, but we also invest our own resources and take on a level of risk alongside our clients. This alignment of interests ensures that we are fully committed to achieving success together.

We conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and transparency. We are guided by strong moral principles and always act in the best interests of our clients. Our ethical standards are non-negotiable and serve as the foundation for all of our actions.

We strive to create partnerships that benefit both parties equally. We understand that a sustainable business relationship requires a balance between giving and receiving, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that everyone is getting what they need to succeed.

We prioritize delivering tangible and measurable results that positively impact our clients' bottom line. We view our clients' success as our success and are always looking for ways to help them achieve their goals.

We really listen to our customers' needs and get back to them with creative solutions. Effective communication improves workflow consistency, productivity, and stronger business relationships. We value building great relationships with our clients through effective communication. For this reason, we will consistently be accessible, transparent, and friendly.

We understand that the needs of a business can change quickly. For this reason, we offer a flexible approach to contracted hours, allowing our clients to adjust their hours on a monthly basis. This ensures that our clients can easily adapt to changes in their workload and business demands while still receiving the high-quality services that we provide.

Work with us


Softo searches for clients willing to work in partnership and collaboration. Tell us about your idea and we'll put it into action. Check out what we look for in our business partners.
Client willing to develop their project with an open scope approach
Client willing to develop their project with an open scope approach
don't tell anyone it generates more ROI

Starting a project with an open scope allows for greater flexibility, leading to high-quality project delivery and a greater return on investment. With an open scope, we can adapt to changing requirements and add valuable features as the project needs it (and client approval, of course). This approach also encourages innovation and creativity, resulting in a more successful project outcome.

Client willing to learn and accept suggestions and improvements
Client willing to learn and accept suggestions and improvements
we really know how to create value-creating software

By accepting suggestions from our team, you can gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of the project and make more informed decisions. This can lead to improved functionality, better user experience, increased efficiency, resulting in a stronger partnership, and more successful project outcomes.

Client who see their opportunities as products, not projects
Client who see their opportunities as products, not projects

While a project has a beginning, middle, and end, a product constantly generates value. Therefore, we find it more interesting to approach our software as products instead of projects with an end. This is a vision of work focused on continuous value generation. But we also understand that sometimes it is okay to approach it as projects.

Client who cares about continuous value generation more than estimates
Client who cares about continuous value generation more than estimates

While estimates can help with planning and timelines, focusing solely on them can lead to rushed or incomplete work. Instead, we care more about the value that the project will bring to end-users and the client. By prioritizing continuous value generation over estimates, we can create software that truly makes a difference and drives success.

Work Process

Our Playbook

Get to know our working model and understand our processes and strategies. Click below to explore our playbook.

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Tell us a little more about your project or development demands, and our specialists will contact you to help with the best way to develop your software and generate value for your business.

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Our work speaks for us

Why hire softo?

We take care of technology so you can run your business.

Dynamic allocation of development teams

Our work model provides a dynamic allocation of on-demand software development professionals in order to meet your needs at each development sprint. Such dynamic allows professionals to be allocated on an hourly basis, ensuring greater allocation efficiency and, consequently, a better ROI for the software project.

High-quality communication

We really listen to our customers' needs and get back to them with creative solutions. Effective communication improves workflow consistency, productivity and stronger business relationships. We will always be accessible, with prompt service and, above all, a lot of transparency.

Don't worry, we take care of the execution

Good ideas alone do not make your business grow: execution is essential for consistent results. That is why we have built a delivery model that repeatedly achieves tangible success and value for your business.

Entire technology team available

Softo offers a complete software development team, including managers, analysts, designers, developers, DevOps, QA, security and more.

Contractual flexibility

At Softo you have flexibility to increase or decrease the number of contracted hours month by month. Everything according to your business’s needs.

We are your technical and business partner

We are more than a software development company: we are business partners. Due to our partnership mindset, we always look for the solution that brings value. A partner is someone you can trust. The more you prosper, the more we prosper with you.


Discover how we make a difference!


  • Client Octavio Milliet photo
    Our work relationship with Softo is so valuable that we have become partners. The company is now our main technology partner, which was extremely strategic to us.

    Octavio Milliet

    CEO at xTree

  • Client Milena Puma  photo
    During development, Softo researched and recommended various solutions to help improve the product’s performance and cost-efficiency. The team communicated regularly, and they took the time to explain technical concepts in plain language. Even after the partnership ended, they still offered support.

    Milena Puma


  • Client Thomas Meyer photo
    We partnered with Softo to create the CollaMap app. Over the years of working together we have been continuously impressed by their deep engagement, robust technical skills, and proactive agile style. The project has exceeded expectations as a result of the company’s active collaboration.

    Thomas Meyer


  • Client Frederico Lacerda photo
    Softo has delivered the project on time without issues, and the company is still in the implementation stage. The company believes in the team’s output and have decided to keep the partnership going. Moreover, the vendor's founders had direct access to the client, which proves their commitment.

    Frederico Lacerda


  • Client Lia Lotito photo
    Softo has been our partner for over a year, diligently operating in our company’s projects. The DevTeam as a Service model complements the skills we don’t have and expands our software development ability as well as our software problem-solving.

    Lia Lotito


  • Client Rafael Bueno photo
    Since the collaboration, Softo has debugged 30% more errors and cleaned up the user experience. They've been dedicated to the solution, and maintain weekly meetings to discuss project specs in detail

    Rafael Bueno

    Product Owner

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