Third-Party Platform-based development

Discover at Softo how to turn ideas into technological solutions that accelerate your business growth and elevate your operations using third-party platforms!


Platform-based Development

At Softo, we transform ideas into innovative technological solutions. Our team of experts develops customized using third-party platform solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.We work closely with you and the platform to implement, optimize, and customize these platform-based solutions, ensuring your business stands out in the market. Whether integrating CRM systems to enhance customer relationships, automating internal processes to increase operational efficiency, or developing robust communications through messaging and voice solutions, Softo is here to guide your digital journey.

Discover how our solutions can accelerate the growth of your business and take your operations to the next level.

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Solutions and Services

Bespoke Salesforce Configurations

For many, the breadth of Salesforce's capabilities can seem daunting. Yet, with the right setup, it turns into a powerhouse for streamlining operations and bolstering team, customer, and supplier relations. Softo specializes in sculpting Salesforce to fit the unique contours of your business, enhancing everything from sales and support to marketing and management.

Salesforce CRM Tailoring

The journey to a highly effective Salesforce CRM starts with pinpointing the exact features and components your business requires. Softo guides you from initial consultation and customization to deployment and fine-tuning, transforming Salesforce from a begrudged necessity to an indispensable daily tool.

Revolutionizing Mobile with Salesforce

Tailoring the Salesforce mobile platform to meet specific client needs is our forte. By enhancing crucial functionalities and redesigning the user experience, we ensure your Salesforce app is not just functional but also a pleasure to use, mirroring your brand's essence.

Innovative AppExchange Creations

Looking to develop a white-label product for the AppExchange marketplace? Softo is your ally. Our expertise extends to aiding Salesforce Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and consultants in crafting bespoke technical solutions that stand out in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Seamless Salesforce System Integration

Softo excels in integrating Salesforce CRM with the broader digital ecosystem, including ERP, marketing automation, and financial tools, to facilitate a seamless flow of information. By doing so, we not only hasten operational tempo and sharpen decision-making but also elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. For those in search of the ideal platforms for their projects, Softo offers comprehensive advisory services.


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Flexible team deployment

Adapt to project needs with our dynamic team allocation, offering on-demand software professionals by the hour for optimized efficiency and ROI.

Your trusted partner

Beyond coding, we're your strategic allies, aligning closely with your goals for mutual success. Trust us to add value at every turn.

Exceptional communication

Prioritizing clarity and creativity, we ensure our dialogue enhances project flow, boosts productivity, and solidifies partnerships. Expect accessibility and transparency.

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  • Client Octavio Milliet photo
    Our work relationship with Softo is so valuable that we have become partners. The company is now our main technology partner, which was extremely strategic to us.

    Octavio Milliet

    CEO at xTree

  • Client Milena Puma  photo
    During development, Softo researched and recommended various solutions to help improve the product’s performance and cost-efficiency. The team communicated regularly, and they took the time to explain technical concepts in plain language. Even after the partnership ended, they still offered support.

    Milena Puma


  • Client Thomas Meyer photo
    We partnered with Softo to create the CollaMap app. Over the years of working together we have been continuously impressed by their deep engagement, robust technical skills, and proactive agile style. The project has exceeded expectations as a result of the company’s active collaboration.

    Thomas Meyer


  • Client Frederico Lacerda photo
    Softo has delivered the project on time without issues, and the company is still in the implementation stage. The company believes in the team’s output and have decided to keep the partnership going. Moreover, the vendor's founders had direct access to the client, which proves their commitment.

    Frederico Lacerda


  • Client Lia Lotito photo
    Softo has been our partner for over a year, diligently operating in our company’s projects. The DevTeam as a Service model complements the skills we don’t have and expands our software development ability as well as our software problem-solving.

    Lia Lotito


  • Client Rafael Bueno photo
    Since the collaboration, Softo has debugged 30% more errors and cleaned up the user experience. They've been dedicated to the solution, and maintain weekly meetings to discuss project specs in detail

    Rafael Bueno

    Product Owner



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