Staff augmentation

staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a format for hiring professionals specialized in the development of software projects to work directly and in sync with the companies' internal development teams, which provides a more flexible and quicker adaptation of the development effort. Learn more about this hiring model.


Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a strategy for hiring specialized skills for specific projects. In this format, it is possible to add temporary or permanent talent to internal teams, allowing you to fill gaps in the team quickly, accelerating project development and keeping productivity high. Softo's staff augmentation modality ensures more project flexibility, since hires are based on hours and are not limited to a single resource. Thus, the client can access other resources available on Softo's team on an ad hoc basis, if so desired. In addition, the client does not need to worry about costs and processes related to hiring its own employees, which gives more agility and less operational risks. Softo strives for the success of the client's project, in a management model that is not limited to just allocating and managing resources, but makes available all the knowledge and experience of our team in software projects.

Know the benefits

Staff Augmentation Features

We recruit the best professionals according to your project needs, which increases performance and productivity, with a full-time focus on your project.

Hiring a new employee brings a lot of responsibilities, such as salaries, taxes, and benefits. With an extended staff, you only pay for the hours worked, and your business partner handles other aspects such as vacations and sick leave for the excess professionals.

Staff augmentation offers the integration of employees with diverse backgrounds, allowing the introduction of new ideas and perspectives into a project, which can help a company to stand out and innovate.

With staff augmentation, project and product managers find a more dynamic and easier way to tailor their development team to the current needs of their projects, without having to fire and hire internal employees.

Understand the difference

Staff Augmentation x Managed Projects


Which one is the best for your business?

Staff augmentation and managed projects are two different models of software project outsourcing. While both approaches involve hiring professionals to work on specific tasks or projects, there are significant differences in terms of the level of control and responsibility that each model entails.

Managed Projects

They involve Softo's complete management of the project.

The client is not responsible for managing the work process and the outsourced project manager is responsible for the work of the specialists.

They are suitable for clients without technical expertise, day-to-day involvement capability, or who do not have in-house development teams.

Clients pay for administration and focus on strategic tasks.

Staff Augmentation

It allows clients to manage their work independently using their own agile methodology, ceremonies, and management tools.

The vendor handles complementary administrative and organizational tasks.

The clients need to track the project progress themselves using their own management methods and resources.

It is suitable for companies that have in-house development teams and do not want to completely outsource the development of their core products.

It offers access to a global talent pool in various technologies, allowing clients to hire professionals from anywhere in the world with any expertise.

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Client problem Stone needed to increase its code testing coverage on .Net systems.

Solution and Value generated by Softo Among other demands, Softo provided professionals in the model of team extension to act for a certain period. The team increased the test coverage of a DotNet application from 40% to more than 98%.


Client problem PebMed needed to increase the development team to speed up the process of developing forum functionality for White Book app users.

Solution and Value generated by Softo Softo provided professionals to work on the thymus extension format. The allocated team acted to speed up the system development process, with reduced failures and fast and effective delivery.