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Have a complete development team at your disposal, hired by the hour, ready to turn your projects into reality. Hire quickly, flexibly, and on demand.


What is DevTeam as a Service?

DevTeam as a Service is a customized software development service model that allows dynamic and on-demand allocation of development professionals.

Your company will have access to a complete team with all the professional profiles that a software project demands: project managers, business analysts, designers, database analysts, frontend and backend developers, mobile developers, devOps and infrastructure and security specialists, as well as QA analysts, all at mid-senior or senior experience level.

You are the one to define the number of monthly service hours, and we will allocate the professional profile that your project demands in the current week or development sprint. This way, unlike a traditional body shop model, you have a more efficient allocation, resulting in a higher ROI than the market average.

By hiring DevTeam as a Service, your company will have super-qualified professionals working solely to achieve your business goals.

What to expect?


We also deliver the market standard

  • Quality software
  • Well-documented Software
  • Agile Methodology: Unified Flow/Kanban

When to hire?

Recommended to:

Whoever needs to develop a new project, but has no team or is unsure whether its current one will be able to handle it. With DevTeam as a Service, you hire an entire team that is highly skilled and ready to turn your every project into reality

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about any of the following matters, DevTeam as a Service is a perfect fit for you.

  1. My company doesn't have a technology team.
  2. I need fast and assertive results.
  3. I don't want to constantly train my team.
  4. I already understand what is an open-scope project.
  5. I want to cut down the fixed expenses of maintaining a team.
  6. I want a team that chooses technologies by applicability, not by taste or preference.
  7. I want a team of specialists in several fields.

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Why hire DevTeam as a Service?

ideal for

DevTeam as a Service is the solution for:

Making new products a reality

Continuing the development of an existing product or system

Integrating systems

Refactoring old systems


how do we deliver devteam as a service?

managed projects

Also called Project, this delivery type consists of Softo’s clients presenting a problem they wish to solve through customized software. With a software project in mind, we take on the demands as we also handle the allocation internally. The clients will have access to any professional category their project may require. We make the magic of flexible allocation happen!

Staff augmentation

Clients with internal development teams have the opportunity to expand them with ours in a flexible way. Our team participates in your team’s day-to-day activities, such as meetings, while using their project and task management tools. Resources are managed and the hired number of hours can also be used for on-demand allocations of any other professional category in Softo’s team.

Reasons to hire

build or outsource

Build your own team

Lower direct costs

Hidden indirect cost (administrative overhead, management, labor obligations, benefits etc.)

Higher total cost


Outsource with devteam as a service

Higher direct cost

No indirect cost

Lower total cost


Build your own team

Time-consuming, requires recruitment, selection, training, and ramp-up

2 to 3 months to start

Outsource with devteam as a service


2 to 3 weeks to start

Extended experience with project ramp-up with a reduced project kick-off time

Build your own team

recruitment, selection, and payroll


Area and administrative managers

Product owner

Outsource with devteam as a service

Product owner

Financial team

Build your own team

Total control, for better or worse

without solid internal control processes, actual control is compromised

Outsource with devteam as a service

Softo will always be a partner

Framework for outsourced software development that allows control by the customer

Build your own team

Difficulty in downsizing the team if necessary (cost of dismissal, cultural cost)

Necessity to rebuild the team when re-accelerating

Outsource with devteam as a service

Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of contracted hours of the team, respecting the contractual minimum

Build your own team

You are limited to the knowledge of the team

Necessity to hire professionals in order to supply knowledge demands

Time for allocation measured in weeks or months

Flexibility to allocate part-time or full-time

Outsource with devteam as a service

Access to any professional category, regardless of the number of contracted hours

Immediate allocation time

Flexibility to allocate hourly

Build your own team

Illusion of keeping knowledge in-house due to high turnover in the segment

pressure for results often leaves documentation aside

Outsource with devteam as a service

Softo’s working framework allows for product knowledge to be shared among a large team of professionals

High standard of documentation

our work process



Evaluating the demands and technical needs to be addressed with the client.



Defining the ideal Unified Flow for the project, even if it means to put one together from scratch.



Creating a User Stories Map and a Release Plan to determine every step of the work.



Carrying out assessments to measure sprint success and potential improvements to ensure client's ROI.

Service details


check iconA whole development team including Project Managers, Frontend/Backend Developers, Business Analysts, Database Analysts, DevOps, UX Designers, Quality Assurance professionals etc.;

check iconEach professional is trained in Agile Development methods;

check iconConstant and real-time follow-up of projects’ progress;

check iconFlexibility to increase or decrease the number of hours monthly;

check iconTeams adaptable to clients’ demands;

check iconFixed-rate contracts;

check iconMinimum contracting of 320 hours per month;

check iconContract duration of minimum three (3) months.

looking for high-level development teams?

hire an EliteTeam as a Service

Senior and specialists-only development teams

Discover Softo's EliteTeam as a Service, our exclusive offering for challenging projects, tight deadlines and clients committed to project success. Find out how we can drive your success with high-level developer.

our work speaks for us

why choose softo?


what or clients say about our work

  • Client Octavio Milliet photo
    Our work relationship with Softo is so valuable that we have become partners. The company is now our main technology partner, which was extremely strategic to us.

    Octavio Milliet

    CEO at xTree

  • Client Milena Puma photo
    During development, Softo researched and recommended various solutions to help improve the product’s performance and cost-efficiency. The team communicated regularly, and they took the time to explain technical concepts in plain language. Even after the partnership ended, they still offered support.

    Milena Puma


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    Find out about our success stories

    Case picture

    World Health Organization (WHO)

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.

    Solution: Creation of dashboards adapted to the country and its audience with user-friendly graphics and ease of reading.

    Impact: We make information about covid-19 accessible and facilitate health decision-making for countries.



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