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BeyondBold Labs, web3 studio by Softo

We are more than just a Web3 studio. We are innovators, visionaries and creators of tailor-made solutions to boost the success of your business. With a team of web3 experts, we combine business vision and cutting-edge decentralized technology to generate real value. Here, each solution is a strategy for the future, designed to transform and boost your business in the web3 universe. Join us and discover the power of web3 in creating innovative and successful decentralized solutions.

Transaction security

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts enable decentralized execution of application business rules by eliminating the need for a single party to have control over it. Networked computers or nodes verify the secure execution of contracts, thus promoting a reliable system that guarantees the integrity of transactions for users. With our assistance, your company can implement complex financial and business models or optimize existing ones.

Create your own NFT

NFT Development

Non-Fungible Tokens, popularly referred to as NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens that represent a unique asset with a digital certificate of ownership that can be freely traded. The NFT marketplace offers a diverse range of token representations: NFTs can be art pieces, games, virtual lands, collectible characters, songs, videos, and other items. The sky is the limit! If your business wishes to explore this market by creating solutions ranging from digital collections to loyalty programs, marketing actions and even financial instruments, count on our expertise.

Create your token

Cryptographic Token Development

Tokens created via smart contracts enable the operation of decentralized business models and processes based on digital currencies. We are talking about the creation of new currencies, tokenization of off-chain assets, security tokens to raise funds, voting tokens for decentralized autonomous organizations, and more. Softo is prepared to understand your business demands and create tokens based on smart contracts to prompt your company’s financial innovations.

Go for decentralized applications

Dapp Development

Dapps are applications composed of a frontend that has a blockchain network as its backend, but can also interact with a private or non-private backend. Dapps admit new categories of decentralized products and services that are steering the blockchain revolution in the business world. We help companies develop innovative business models using secure decentralized applications based on blockchain technology.

How we use DLT technologies

Blockchain Solutions for Business

Using platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Besu, Corda and Hedera Hashgraph, we are able to implement blockchain solutions for companies in various industries. With our experience in enterprise solutions based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), we develop secure and efficient systems for all parties involved in a business process controlled by the solution in a permissioned way.

Tools and Technologies

Platforms we master



Binance Smart Chain




HuperLedger Fabric

HuperLedger Besu



Web3 in your business

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Revolutionize your business with us. Still wondering if Web3 is an option for your business? Check out if the following statements make sense to you:

1. Can you tell whether web3 would add value to your organization?
2. Do you understand the market implications of web3 in your organization?
3. Do you know how web3 could help your organization in the coming years?

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We help companies delight their customers, transform ideas into businesses, and develop new relationships, as well as expand product and service lines, thus optimizing results in an agile and assertive way


know our clients

Reserva X
Customer problem: Reserva, a leading and innovative clothing brand from Brazil, wanted to launch an NFT collection to its customer base and needed to navigate the unknow NFT space with confidence.Solution and Value generated by Softo: Softo helped Reserva with a consulting service about smart contract implementation, smart contract audit and NFT holder/user experience and contributed to the success of the campaign. The sale of tokens lasted only 12 hours before they sold out.
Reserva X
Customer need: Trading NFTs on a platform targeting an audience with little or no knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with purchases made by FIAT (fiat currency), credit card, pix or boleto.Solution served by Softo: Softo has developed a marketplace that offers various styles of NFTs, such as event entry tickets and projects involving the real estate market. The platform is white label (where the user can apply any visual identity they wish) and was developed using the ERC-721 token standard. The solution allows users to create their own collections of NFTs.
Customer need: Reopen was facing the need to create a platform and smart contracts that would allow for the generation of recurring income for open-source software projects. The goal was to develop a financial instrument based on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to facilitate this process.Solution served by Softo: Softo developed a Node.js web platform with GitHub integration, focused on monetizing open-source projects through NFTs. It implemented smart contracts for NFT auctions, staking, and a cryptocurrency treasury, facilitating the generation of recurring income and encouraging long-term investment in open-source software.



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