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The secrets to creating an exceptional resume as a developer



The resume is the starting point and the gateway to the interview at your next job. But to get the job you want, you need to develop your resume strategically.

It's no use making a huge resume, with all your knowledge and experience, if the job you want to apply for requires specific skills. The secret is to know how to adapt the document according to the opportunity you want, without getting bogged down in irrelevant information. With this in mind, we have selected 5 important tips to prepare a good resume as a developer. Check them out.

1 – Appearance matters

Try to use fonts that read well, such as Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Cambria, Georgia, and Helvetica. Use bold, italics and underlining to your advantage, but don't overdo it, okay? Do not use a font size smaller than 10 and leave 2.5 cm margin space.

The key is to be objective and keep the sections well separated. Try to organize all the information in no more than two pages. For line spacing, 1.15 is fine. It is best that each candidate consider whether it would be an advantage to add his/her own photo to the resume when applying for a job.

2 – Who are you?

Start by introducing yourself, talking about your intended position and your career goals, be brief and catchy as if it were a tweet. This section should be simple and to the point so as not to take too much of the recruiter's time and distract them from what's really important.

Put your name in a larger font than the rest of the header, so that it stands out. And don't forget to leave your contact information like phone, email, LinkedIn and GitHub in evidence.

3 – Professional Experiences

Here, you will write an ideal presentation of who you are and your professional accomplishments. This can earn you some points with the recruiter if they perceive you to be the ideal professional for the position.

Each item in this section is worth a lot, to quote your experiences, start with the position, in a larger size than the rest, followed by the name of the company and the period of entry and exit, with this make a summary of the activities performed. Put the experiences in order from the most recent to the oldest. Abuse the use of keywords and technologies that you master, always marking in bold the most important ones. This way you draw attention to what is important.

4 – Languages you master

If you have a more basic knowledge of a language, but would not like to leave it off the resume, you can divide it up according to your level of knowledge. How to separate the information:

  • 1°: Describe where the knowledge about each language you put on the resume comes from.
  • 2°: List these skills in order of importance according to the position you are applying for.
  • 3°: Put beside each language mentioned the level of knowledge you have: basic, intermediate or advanced.

5 – Your skills

Finally, after listing all the skills you possess as a software developer, also enter your behavioral skills, better known as soft skills. Then evaluate the position and select only the skills that make the most sense to highlight on the resume.

Bonus: Ideal Resume Template

Below is an example of a developer resume structure, which you can use as a source of inspiration.



In summary, a good developer resume should highlight technical skills and relevant experience in an organized, objective, and error-free manner. Customizing your resume for each job opening, including keywords from the job description, can increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters.

Follow these tips and find the best developer jobs. Check out the available jobs here at Softo and join our team.

Ana Prado
Marketing Analyst
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