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@-shaped career: Boost your Skills with Augmented Intelligence

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Do you know what an @-shaped career is and how it can boost your capabilities? In this article, we'll explore this approach that promises to transform the way we view professional development and the use of artificial intelligence to enhance our skills.

Before we delve into the concept of the @-shaped career, it's important to understand what the T-shaped career is. The T-shaped career involves the combination of deep core knowledge, represented by the bottom of the "T", together with peripheral knowledge in other areas, represented by the top of the "T". This means that in the T-career concept, the professional is highly specialized in one core area, but also has complementary skills and knowledge in other related disciplines.

The idea of the @-shaped career, introduced by our CEO Fabio Seixas, expands this concept even further. In the @-shaped career, the focus is on having extremely in-depth knowledge in a specific topic, represented by the center of the "@", together with complementary knowledge, represented by the sides of the "@", and augmented intelligence (AI) in adjacent areas, without the need for in-depth knowledge (the tail of the "@").

In other words, instead of spending time superficially learning a series of complementary skills, an @-shaped career allows you to specialize even more in your core field while using AI to acquire skills that are less critical but can significantly facilitate the development of your work.

Practical example:

Imagine a professional highly specialized in Backend NodeJS, with adjacent knowledge in Database, Cloud and Agile. In a T-shaped career, this professional may choose to expand their knowledge in complementary areas. However, in an @-shaped career, they can use AI to improve their work in areas such as Design, Frontend, Typography, Copywriting and Hardware, without the need to become a specialist in each of them.

This is possible thanks to the concept of augmented intelligence, in which AI is used as a tool to complement human knowledge. When the need arises to deal with tasks related to these areas, the professional can call on AI to help, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent searching for depth in multiple disciplines.

Advantages of a @-shaped Career:

1. Deep Specialization: A @-shaped career allows you to specialize more deeply in your core area, making you a renowned expert.

2. Work Efficiency: Using AI for complementary tasks makes work more efficient, freeing up time to focus on what's really important.

3. Flexibility: You can adapt your complementary skills according to market and industry demands, without compromising your core specialization.

4. Continuous Learning: A @-shaped career promotes continuous learning, as you use AI to acquire new skills quickly and effectively.

The @-shaped career is an interesting concept that challenges traditional approaches to professional development. As artificial intelligence continues to advance, this approach has the potential to transform the way we look at expanding our skills and careers.

If you want to excel in your field and use AI strategically, considering a @-shaped career could be the way forward. Make the most of the capabilities offered by augmented intelligence and see your professional potential grow exponentially.


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Ana Prado
Marketing Analyst
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