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Software development and prosperity: the story of Softo

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Softo is a community united with a common interest: building great software products. Along the way, we realized that good software is a generator of prosperity, allowing our clients to leverage their business by taking advantage of market opportunities, with the productivity needed to achieve all their goals. In addition, software development also generates prosperity for all Softo stakeholders, especially for the team of talents that makes our business happen.

Softo was born from the perception that companies need to be better served when it comes to software development. Therefore, we work actively to offer a quality service, putting us close and accessible to our clients, always with great transparency. Our focus is to deliver quality software, within the established deadline, thinking about the business together with the client.

We believe that the best way to work as a team is to establish a collaborative community. Softo promotes a culture of collaboration, offering support and flexibility to our team and seeking to meet client needs with great responsibility and professionalism.

Who are the founders?

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Fabio is a software developer and has the soul of an entrepreneur. He chose technology as a career and found it the perfect environment for building businesses. After founding seven startups, Fabio founded Softo in 2013 with the intention of helping other entrepreneurs succeed with digital products. He is the one who runs the executive part of Softo from his expertise in technology, marketing, management and people. He has helped our community thrive.

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Rafael is a developer and knows how to orchestrate a software project like no one else. He learned early on that technology can be used to transform great ideas into reality, and this is what he puts into practice every day at Softo. Rafa is responsible for the smooth and coordinated turning of gears. With his attention to detail and sense of organization, he directs Softo's technological operations, ensuring high productivity and an atmosphere of personal growth for the entire team.

How did Softo come about?


The history of Softo begins in 2013, when Fabio Seixas and Rafael Ruiz founded Jack Sistemas. With the goal of delivering high quality software, the company followed the trends of the technology market at the time. After two years of hard work on several projects, the first ERP product for service provider companies is launched: SanFlow, first implemented in 2015.

The constant search for innovation and growth in the technology sector made the directors of Softo seek to unite knowledge and expertise to launch new projects. Thus, in 2016 emerged LeadGrid, a lead generation product launched for online stores. In 2017, Softo launched Cubus, our real estate portfolio management product.

The constant transformations in the technology sector and the search for growth and strengthening of our principals in the market generated the need for a brand repositioning. Thus, in 2019, Softo emerges reformulated and ready to meet the needs of more clients, offering "DevTeam as a Service" and "CTO as a Service".

Although very fickle and challenging, 2020 was a very important year for Softo. We closed our first international contract with the World Health Organization (WHO). Softo developed dashboards tailored to the country and its audience with user-friendly graphs and easy-to-understand reading about Covid-19's impact on disrupting countries' health systems, making it easier for nations to make health decisions.

After some project developments in the blockchain and web3 segments, in 2021 Softo decides that the entire team will be trained in web3 technologies.

Already in 2022, our directors found "Softo Ventures", our venture arm responsible for building startups, and launch FlowCode, a low-code solutions agency that uses low-code tools and Reopen, a Web3 protocol and platform for sustainable financing of open-source software projects.

What is Softo's purpose?

We believe that technology profoundly impacts the world today. However challenging it may be, at Softo we dare to innovate as fast as possible to adapt to the evolving world around us, as we constantly aim to continue providing value to society. Softo's constant quest is to pave the way for growth and learning, whether in technical knowledge or personal issues, as we support those who seek to improve their lives in a broader sense. We believe in integrity and its positive impact.

That's why Softo values honesty, professionalism, and merit. We believe that software development depends on effort. Whatever the goal, Softo works diligently on projects that align with our values and principles. We believe in partnership with our clients.

Why is Softo different?

Our goal is the success of our clients. Before doing anything, we always ask ourselves if we are investing our clients' money wisely and toward their goals. As a service provider, we value building great relationships with our clients through effective communication. While technology is our primary occupation, we understand that it is but one path to building a great business for most of our clients.

We don't hesitate to come up with our own ideas, because we put ourselves in the clients' shoes. We are passionate, reliable, financially responsible, and offer clients something they don't have, with their best interests in mind.


Softo's purpose is to build great software products that generate prosperity for our clients and also for the entire team. The company was born from the perception that companies need to be better served when it comes to software development, and works actively to provide quality service, always with transparency and focus on delivering quality software within the established deadline. Softo believes in collaboration and constantly seeks to innovate to continue providing value to society.

Ana Prado
Marketing Analyst
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