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Find out how DevTeam as a Service can help you leverage your business


DevTeam as a Service is a popular option for companies that don’t have internal resources to develop and maintain software projects or that need additional teams to deal with growing demand.

Check throughout this article to see how it works, the profiles of the allocated professionals, and how the service can leverage the results of your business.

DevTeam as a Service: Understanding how it works and how to hire the service

On-demand development services offer the opportunity to align skills and rates according to your project needs. With this modality, you define the number of monthly hours of service and we allocate the professional profiles appropriate to the needs of your project.

The allocated team works in collaboration with the other departments of the company to ensure that the developed software meets the business needs and is aligned with the company's strategic objectives. This ensures greater efficiency in software development and implementation.

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Check out how DevTeam as a Service is delivered

No company has all the tools it needs for every project it faces. DevTeam as a Service emerged from a remarkable emerging need for organizations to accomplish even more with the resources they already have.

Managed Projects

They are a modality in which customers present a problem they wish to solve with customized software, such as a project already planned or yet to be developed. We assume the demand and take charge of the internal allocation to make your project a reality.

Here you have access to any professional profile that the project may require, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in the development. We make the magic of flexible allocation happen.

Staff augmentation

In this modality, customers who already have internal development teams have the opportunity to expand their teams with Softo's team in a flexible way. Our team then participates in the daily routines of the client's existing team, and shares project and task management tools.

The staff augmentation differs from a traditional bodyshop in that resources are managed and the contracted package of hours can also be used for on-demand allocation of any other professional profile offered by Softo.

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What professional profiles can be hired?

In the DevTeam as a Service model, you can hire a variety of IT professional profiles, including:

Project managers: They are responsible for ensuring that the project is on time, on budget, and meets the client's needs. They also manage the development team and are responsible for communicating with the customer to ensure that the project is aligned with the business objectives.

Business & Requirements Analysts: They develop requirements and ensure the quality and security of the technology solutions, acting as a bridge between the business and technology teams to ensure that the solution meets the requirements and adds value to the organization.

Designers: Are responsible for designing the user interface and experience. He works closely with the development team to ensure that the software is easy to use and meets the needs of the end users.

Front-end developers: They create and maintain the user interface of an application or website, using various markup, styling, and programming languages to design and implement visual and interactive elements, and ensure the proper functionality of the design across different devices and browsers.

Back-end developers: They are responsible for building the business logic and functionality of an application or website on the server side, using programming languages and frameworks. They create systems that manage and manipulate data, create APIs for data access, and ensure the security and scalability of the systems.

Database Engineers: They are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining database management systems, ensuring the efficiency, security and accuracy of data storage and retrieval. They use a variety of database technologies and programming languages to develop custom solutions for business needs.

DevOps: are responsible for integrating development and operations processes, using tools and practices to automate and optimize the software lifecycle, including configuration management, test automation and continuous deployment, monitoring and problem resolution, and promoting collaboration and communication across teams.

Security Analysts: They perform system, network and data threat protection by performing risk assessments, implementing security measures, monitoring system security, investigating incidents and providing recommendations to improve the organization's security posture.

Test Engineers: They are responsible for testing software to ensure that it is functioning correctly within the project requirements and meeting the business needs and objectives.

Data and AI Engineers: are responsible for building and maintaining data infrastructures using advanced database technologies and building Artificial Intelligence models based on Machine Learning (ML) and others. They ensure the integrity, security and availability of the organization's data, developing customized solutions to meet customer needs.

Get to know the work process

Understand how the DevTeam as a Service work process works and how it can ensure software quality. We perform the technical analysis of the project, create a release plan to determine each step of the work, allocate the professionals, and follow up on all steps to ensure the project's success.

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How do I know if I need to hire DevTeam as a Service?

How to know if your company should hire DevTeam as a Service and how it can help you achieve your business goals, we have separated 10 questions for you to ask yourself and understand that the time has come for you to thrive with this service.

  1. Am I having trouble developing specific software for my business?
  2. Does my current team have insufficient experience in certain technologies?
  3. Am I facing delays and quality problems in software development?
  4. Am I having difficulties scaling my development team according to my business needs?
  5. Am I looking for a more efficient and cost effective way to manage software development?
  6. Do I need help to ensure that my software meets business needs and is aligned with the company's strategic goals?
  7. Am I having trouble finding qualified professionals for my internal team?
  8. Am I looking for a way to flexibly expand my development team?
  9. Am I looking for a way to improve the quality and efficiency of software development in my company?
  10. Am I looking for a way to adapt to market changes and new technologies?

Why hire Softo?

We are more than a software development company: we are business partners. We will think as if we were partners, always seeking the solution that generates the most value. A partner is someone you can trust. The more you prosper, the more we prosper with you.

We take care of the technology so you can run your business.

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