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All you need to know about DevTeam as a Service: The importance of software product development for business success


Is your company able to build a development team composed of professionals skilled in the latest technologies? DevTeam as a Service is a delivery model that facilitates collaboration and ensures optimal results.

Count on a software development team to make your project a reality. Save time, cost, and get the best results.

What is DevTeam as a Service?

DevTeam as a Service is a work model in which we provide a complete software development team, hired by the hour. With this format, it is possible to dynamically allocate different profiles of professionals in the area, according to the demands of each week or development sprint of the project.

This methodology allows for greater granularity in resource allocation, ensuring maximum efficiency in the allocation and providing a much better return on investment (ROI) for the project.

One of the greatest benefits of this model is that there is no waste of resources, since it is possible to direct professionals exactly where they are needed and avoid unnecessary expenses with professionals who are not in demand at any given moment of the project.

What are the advantages of DevTeam as a Service?

DevTeam as a Service can be a more flexible and cost-effective option than hiring permanent employees, as it allows companies to scale their teams according to their project needs, without compromising the security and stability of their operations. The responsibility for employee management and training is also ours, which allows for greater flexibility to adapt to market changes.


Why hire DevTeam a Service?

Due to the high market demand for technology professionals, building an effective team takes time, and members often go through several stages of development before finally reaching a state of flow and coherence. New technologies advance at a rapid pace, and with them the demand for investment in training and selection. The return on investment, however, may not be so quick.

At the beginning, it is not realistic to expect high performance. But if you hire DevTeam as a Service, your company will immediately have a group of highly skilled professionals working in cross-functional areas for the sole purpose of achieving your business goals.

Why hire Softo?

We are more than a software development company: we are business partners. We will think as if we were partners, always seeking the solution that generates the most value. A partner is someone you can trust. The more you prosper, the more we prosper with you.

We take care of the technology so you can run your business.

Ana Prado
Marketing Analyst
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