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Companies revolutionizing technology for Agribusiness


The agricultural sector has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by technological innovation. Several companies have played fundamental roles in this revolution, seeking solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices.

Here are some fundamental reasons for this revolution:

Growing Demands for Sustainable Production: With the global population on the rise, there is increasing pressure on the agricultural sector to sustainably increase food production. The need to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture is driving the search for more efficient and environmentally friendly practices.

General Technological Advances: Technological development in areas such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, sensors, and automation offers new possibilities to optimize agricultural processes.

The integration of emerging technologies provides a unique opportunity for modern agriculture to benefit from more sophisticated solutions.

Operational Efficiency Needs: Competitiveness in agribusiness demands increasing operational efficiency. Technologies enable real-time monitoring, task automation, and data-driven decision-making.

There is also a pursuit of cost reduction and increased productivity, driving the adoption of technological solutions that optimize the use of inputs and resources.

Collectively, these factors create a conducive environment for technological revolution in agribusiness, driving the adoption of innovative solutions that not only address current challenges but also position the sector for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Now, below is a list of companies, curated by Softo, that stand out in contributing to the modernization of agribusiness:


Belagricola is a Brazilian company that stands out for its pioneering role in implementing digital technologies in the field.

Focused on precision agriculture, the company uses drones, sensors, and advanced software to monitor crops in real-time. This monitoring enables more efficient management, optimizing the use of inputs, identifying issues in plantations, and contributing to more informed decision-making by farmers.


Syngenta is a Swiss multinational that excels in developing innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions.

The company invests in research and development to create products that increase crop productivity while reducing environmental impacts. Its technologies include genetically modified seeds, more efficient agricultural chemicals, and sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to the construction of a more balanced and responsible agricultural system.

Grão Direto

Grão Direto is a Brazilian startup that has revolutionized grain trading by creating a digital platform that connects rural producers and buyers directly.

Through this platform, farmers can negotiate their crops transparently and efficiently, eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs. The technology provided by Grão Direto not only simplifies the process of buying and selling grains but also streamlines transactions and contributes to maximizing farmers' profits.

SLC Agrícola

SLC Agrícola is one of the largest grain producers in Brazil and has stood out in implementing technologies for precision agriculture and sustainability.

Using tools such as GPS, sensors, and advanced software, the company can monitor and manage its agricultural operations more efficiently.

Additionally, SLC Agrícola constantly seeks sustainable practices, such as crop rotation and the reduction of input usage, aiming to preserve natural resources and promote more responsible agriculture.


Amaggi, one of the largest companies in Brazilian agribusiness, stands out for integrating advanced technologies into its agro-industrial management.

From using software for logistics process optimization to implementing environmental monitoring practices, the company constantly seeks innovations to improve the efficiency of its operations and reduce environmental impacts. Amaggi stands out not only as a producer but also as a company committed to sustainability and social responsibility throughout the production chain.


The companies Belagricola, Syngenta, Grão Direto, SLC Agrícola, and Amaggi are playing crucial roles in the technological revolution of agribusiness. Whether through the implementation of precision agriculture practices, the development of sustainable solutions, the creation of innovative digital platforms, or the integration of technologies into agro-industrial management, these companies are shaping the future of the sector, making it more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected.

The agribusiness of the 21st century is benefiting significantly from these innovations, and the path to a more technological and sustainable sector seems increasingly promising.

Fabio Seixas
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