Softo offers services in innovative formats to meet the demands of a new moment in the provision of IT development and management services.

DevTeam as a Service

DevTeam as a Service is Softo's main service for software and systems development. The solution allows companies in any field to have their own complete development team without the need to hire employees, benefiting from possible adjustments in the size and expertise of the team, for greater or lesser. Allows companies to focus on their core business, without needing to assemble, train and maintain development teams, reducing costs and gaining efficiency.

  • Use of agile methods (scrum, kanban, unified flux, etc)
  • Outsourced service without employment relationship
  • Full development team
  • Team adaptable to customer demand
  • Fixed cost

CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service is the solution for companies that need a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) but can't or won't afford such a full-time professional. This service allows companies to hire this valuable resource for a predefined number of hours per month. The CTO allocated to your company during the contracted hours will manage and think about technology management within your company.

  • Highly qualified professional in market technologies
  • Exclusive dedication during the contracted hours
  • Outsourced service without employment relationship
  • Fixed cost

Software Projetc

If your company has a well-defined and established demand for software development, we offer the hiring of a project based development service, with a closed scope.