DevTeam as a Service

We develop custom applications and software using high-quality development standards. We use agile methods (scrum, kanban, unified flux, chapters) to deliver organized code and well-documented systems in an agile manner.

Our great concern with User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are differential. We deliver a return on your investment (ROI) through a dynamic service delivery model based on on-demand development teams.

Our working model allows for continuous support and maintenance. Our systems are, wherever possible, cloud-based, which ensures better ROI, scalability, and availability.

We keep our employees updated on the most important technologies in the market, always delivering software within the best development standards.

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What is DevTeam as a Service?

Softo offers a software development model where your company outsources your development team, allowing you to have a complete and cohesive team to meet any development needs in an open scope.

According to customer needs, the teams are created and maintained dynamically, composed of a development/service manager, DevOps developers in multiple platforms, UI/UX designers, Quality Assurance professionals, and support, within technologies widely adopted by the market in general.

Challenges of maintaining a team of your own

The current supply of technology professionals below market demand makes it difficult to set up a team of their own at an affordable cost, especially for companies whose main activity is not technology. The fast pace of the evolution of new technologies demands investments in training and selection, which requires investments and makes the return on investment of having a team of its own even more distant.

Evolution of a team

Stages of the evolution of a work team over time.

Building an efficient team takes time, and members often go through various development stages before finally reaching a state of flux and efficiency. When starting your team, you can't expect a high-performance stage at the very beginning. When you hire a team in the DevTeam as a Service model, your company will get a high level of performance right at the start because we already offer optimized and efficient teams at an advanced stage.

Agile Methods

A more efficient approach to software development

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way to cope and ultimately succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.

Agile software development is a comprehensive term for a set of structures and practices based on the values and principles expressed in Agile Software Development Manifest and in 12 Principles behind it. When you approach software development in a particular way, it's usually good to live by these values and principles and use them to help you figure out the right things to do, considering your particular context.

Our Work Process


Analysis of technical needs

The first step is to evaluate with the client the demands and technical needs the team should address.


Team Building

From the initial analysis, we formes an adequate team from Softo's human resources. This formation can be adapted over time, according to the client's needs.



In onboarding, the selected team structure the work plan based on sprints and perform the service.


Measuring and Improving

Through a process of continuous improvement, we carry out to each sprint an evaluation of successes and improvements necessary to ensure the ROI of the client over time.


  • Full development team with Development/Service Manager, DevOps, UX Designer, and Quality Assurance
  • Team trained in agile development methods
  • Weekly monitoring of work progress
  • Team adaptable to customer demand
  • Access to the Indicator Dashboard
  • Fixed cost
  • Minimum hiring of 30 hours/month
  • Minimum contract of 3 months

Ideal for

  • Companies with software demands in general
  • Companies that need flexibility in adjusting team size
  • Technology-based companies that need to complement their development effort
  • Capitalized Startups seeking to develop MVPs or in growth phase

To hire or get more information, please contact us. We will answer all your questions.