CTO as a Service

To meet the needs of startups and established companies of non-technological basis regarding the adoption of technologies, determination of technical aspects related to support systems, we offer the service of CTO as a Service.

In this format, your company may have a highly qualified senior professional, hired for hours/month, to perform all aspects of a CTO's function, whether in determining technologies to be adopted, managing teams and culture, evaluating technological risks or establishing the company's long-term vision of technology.

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An efficient CTO needs to have important characteristics and knowledge such as technical knowledge of a variety of technologies, know how to assemble and maintain a work team, understand business and management to be able to align the expectations of the founders and the market when the subject is technology.

The current difficulty of finding and maintaining a full-time CTO professional, whether for qualification or cost reasons, CTO as a Service is a viable option to meet the demands of your company with respect to technology.


Senior CTO

Our CTOs are experienced and qualified professionals for the job, ensuring ROI for your company.

Technology Agnostic

We're agnostic in terms of technology. We will always choose the best technology for your business needs.

Have a high level CTO professional hired on an hourly basis for your company

The flexibility of CTO as a Service will allow your company to focus on its core business, without losing resources on poorly designed and unsuccessful technology projects.


  • Qualified Senior Remote Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Includes 3 monthly meetings
  • Access to the Indicator Dashboard
  • Minimum hiring of 20 hours/month
  • Minimum contract of 3 months

Ideal for

  • Non technology-based companies that need to define and touch the technology use strategy
  • Technology-based companies in the idea validation phase
  • Capitalized Startups searching in early MVP phase

To hire or get more information, please contact us. We will answer all your questions.