About Softo

Softo was born from a perception that, in general, companies are not very well served when it comes to software development. Our experiences of business life always in us showed that good customer service is one of the keys to success.

Also, we believe that entrepreneurship is a great way to change the world as we develop individually and as a group. That's why our internal working model allows developers to become entrepreneurs in their software teams. In addition to creating good software, we also create good entrepreneurs.

Our values

  • We offer high quality service
  • We focus on customer ROI
  • We pursue personal growth and development
  • We support and create entrepreneurs
  • We change the world for the better with better software
  • We believe in remote work and quality of life
  • We are passionate about technology

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Contact us

Softo Founders

Fabio Seixas

Fabio Seixas

Founder and CEO

Commercial lead and strategist

Rafael Ruiz

Rafael Ruiz

Founder and CTO

Coordinates development and project

Our history

  • 2013

    February, 2013

    Jack Sistemas is founded

    With the original name Jack Sistemas, Softo is founded by Fabio Seixas and Rafael Ruiz.

  • 2015

    February, 2014

    First implementation of SanFlow

    SanFlow, our ERP product for companies providing services is finalized and implemented for the first time.

  • 2016

    April, 2016

    LeadGrid is released

    First spin-off: LeadGrid

    With the ecommerce expertise from our partners, we launched a lead generation product for online stores called LeadGrid.

  • 2017

    August, 2017

    Cubus is released

    Cubus, our real estate portfolio management product is finalized and implemented for the first time.

  • 2019

    March, 2019

    New mark and new positioning

    Rebrand for Softo and service launch DevTeam as a Service and CTO as a Service

    After 6 years and dozens of customers served, we repositioned our brand and our value proposition to serve even more companies.