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We innovate in software development working models to add value to your business. Build your flexible remote development team without having to hire employees.

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Software development teams are hard to assemble and maintain.

Your business needs software and systems to operate efficiently, but its main business objectives are not to build software and it doesn't have spare resources to maintain its own team. Or you have your own development team but cannot increase or decrease the team as needed.

Prefer to focus on your core operation

You suffer with the formation and maintenance of internal development teams or the hiring of inefficient software agencies. Labor costs, Recruitment and training, and other overhead costs associated with software development have become a problem for most companies.

DevTeam as a Service and CTO as a Service

DevTeam and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as a Service solutions from Softo enable your company to focus on its core business, having an efficient and up-to-date development team at its disposal for any project, including technical decision making, without the need to hire and retain technical professionals or project-driven development companies.

DevTeam as a Service CTO as a Service


DevTeam as a Service

Full Development Team / Squad
Weekly Follow Up
Access to our KPI Dashboard
30 hours/month minimum
3 month minimum contract

CTO as a Service

Qualified Senior Remote Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Includes 3 monthly meetings
Access to our KPI Dashboard
20 hours/month minimum
6 month minimum contract

For over 5 years Apsis has been partnering with Softo in the development of our management systems. Having an outsourced development team saves time, energy and money. Patrick Delac - Apsis Consultoria

Softo has been providing a fast and quality service in the development of Capta software projects. The hired team works as if it were our own, allowing us to quickly evolve in our operation. Mikael Martins - Capta

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